Our Services

iPhone Repair

We repair your expensive iPhones at the most competitive prices in the market. Forget about Applecare and the humongous fee they charge you. Get your iPhone 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8 and 8+ and X repaired from the most experienced and qualified technicians right now. Phew!

Samsung Repair

The king of Android phones, Samsung is a brand that our technicians know like the back of their skilled and deft hands. Whether it is the midrange phones or the glass bodied high end devices, we repair every offering from Samsung!

Other Cell Phone Repair

What? You have a different brand than Apple and Samsung? No problem. We repair all brands that the market has. From water damage to motherboard short-circuiting; from camera lens fault to cell faulty phone reception, we do away with all issues in a jiffy!

Don’t you want someone you can count on when you are going through tough times? Smartphone problems are nothing short of a tragedy. What you need here is a dependable and affordable mobile phone repair services brand. We at RB Cell Repair take care of the most critical glitches and errors in the most popular and sophisticated smartphone brands. Read on to know more. So get in touch with RB Cell Repair experts in a variety of repairs like cell phone repair, iPhone repair, iPhone screen repair and Samsung repair near Houston area.

Water Spills

Your expensive phone might be the mightiest of all but chances are that it does not come with an IP67 or IP68 rating yet. But don’t lose heart. We know that water spills and dips can cause serious damage to your screens and speakers and also your styluses and memory and sim card readers at times. We take care of all of that in no time. Just give us the wet device and we’ll hand it over to you as good as new.

General Smartphone Repair

There is no room for a single error or glitch in your smartphone when we are here to help. There are many functioning issues that a daily mobile user faces in his cellphone such as hanging, RAM mismanagement, heating problems bloatware, and viruses, and the like. Who do you come to? RB Cell Repair because we know how to dismantle and reassemble every critical part of your mobile and reinstate it as if nothing ever happened.

Motherboard Issues

Motherboard issues can result in a lot of problems. Your screen could go off and on randomly, network service issues, screen discoloration, pixelation, overheating and restarting of the device without any reason. These are so frustrating but not anymore. Our expert technicians can have a close look at your device and perform the necessary repairs and undertake replacements if need be so that you can get back to your phone and life without a single hiccup.

Tablet Repairs

Your expensive tablets and phablets are absolutely precious. They are there when you need to play Candy Crush, or when you need to login to see what your friends have been up to after their latest check-in on FaceBook or when you simply want to read your favorite e-book at night. We remain updated with the latest hardware and software trends, models of processors and have ample skill to work with bigger screen resolutions. Count on us for your phablet repairs and we won’t let you down.

Audio Issues

It breaks our heart a little when we see you dealing with the stereo speakers of your latest iPhone making crackling sounds or becoming distorted at high volume level. The last thing that you want to listen to is a distorted voice coming from this beast of a device. We all have faced the problem of low speaker volume and distorted earpiece output, and noisy speakers. It is time to say goodbye to all these issues for good with RB Cell Repair.

Camera Repairs

You can’t possibly live without your phone’s camera. It does so many things with one tap in a single day. Just like the wide array of features and filters it has, it is most likely to encounter numerous issues of its own. Its lens can crack or attract water or dust underneath or even one of the dual cameras can start malfunctioning. What you need is a smartphone repair expert that understands the working of the latest camera modules, apertures, OIS, EIS, difference between telephoto, RGB and monochromatic cameras. With us you can find an expert that does.