Should You Choose An Independent Iphone Repair Shop?

Are there any risks involved here? Can you be absolutely sure that the iphone repair near me is genuine and that he is not going to run away with my handset? I know that it is just a matter of screen repair but that is the catch. If I visit the Apple store for this, they are going to charge a mountain of money from me and that is not something I’m willing to do. I know that the warranty on my iPhone is long gone. You don’t have to rub that in my face anymore (eye-roll)! But there has to be a way to find an iphone screen repair Houston TX shop that doesn’t steal from me, right?

The Apple Care Safety

Well, I can’t really deny that Applecare is a good idea but it is still not the best. They only cover manufacturing defects and that too for just one year. If you go for the Applecare+, you are in for another shock of sorts. You will have to pay $99 for the cover and you will get protection against accidental damages as well. Apple will repair or replace your device for a set fee of $79. Yes! Did you think it was going to be free? This is why I decided to look for an iphone screen repair Houston TX shop near me and I would prefer a third party service because of the simple fact that they are not going to ruin my vacation budget.

The Catch With Independent Iphone Repair Shops In The City

Well, before you seek a silver lining, deal with the cloud first. With third party iphone repair shops you will get what you pay for and that is why it is very important for you to not to fall for false claims displayed against a banner showing the lowest possible figures. Anything good and reliable can’t be that affordable and if it is, chances are it is going to be substandard. What I’m trying to say is don’t base your decision solely on the cost of the services.

Also, with a third party iphone repair near me, I knew I would have to pay attention to the kind of work they have delivered in the past. Sometimes doing some research can come in handy if you are looking for a dependable iphone screen repair Houston TX shop. Look for their online reviews and what their customers are saying about them. The most important thing for me is the time taken to perform the repair. For me personally, this is what does it. Usually they should take a couple of hours for it, provided the replacement part is with them. In other cases, your iphone should be with you within the day or the next day, tops! If they take anymore than that, kick them out of your list.

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