The Weirdest Cell Phone Problems

We all have had our share of cell phone issues and most of us just can’t take it when they behave erratically. The nearest Cell Phone Repair Houston TX shop somehow seems the most welcoming thing at that moment. Your iphones, Samsung phones and HTC devices all have faced some common problems and many of the experts repairmen in the city must have told you the same thing as the other did. They all talk about the various but identical preventive measures and narrate the same old story of a typical repair that unfolds with every job. Of course they quote a slightly different price for the exact same service.

But do they even know about the weirdest problems that the user faces on a daily basis? It is very easy for them to suggest solutions and ask us to do certain things in a certain way but only we as users know how we deal with a device that acts weird and creepy. Following are some of the funniest and most bizarre problems that very few cell phone or iphone repair Houston TX technicians must have heard of:

Last Call Screen Hang Up

Yes, many high end and low end phones alike have faced this problem in the past and if you try to recall, you must have faced it too. The phone hangs on the last call screen whenever you exit an app. Yes, for instance you are in your gallery and want to exit after having set your favorite picture as your phone wallpaper. You press the back button again and again to finally see the last call screen instead of the home screen. Your phone freezes on that frame and only pressing the home button or restarting the device would make it responsive again. According to leading cell phone repair Houston TX service providers, it got rectified with upcoming firmware and software upgrades.

Yes, That Brings Us To Unresponsive Screens

Some people who own the brand new iPhone X have complained that their screens become unresponsive in cold weather. This is very strange. In response to this complaint the people at Apple have actually confirmed that they are aware of the situation. The company said that the iPhone X’s screen becomes temporarily unresponsive in case there is a rapid switch to a cold environment.  The screen becomes fully responsive again after several seconds.

Iphone Hair Pulling

Yes, your iPhone Screen Repair Houston TX firm must have not heard of this one problem that is of the iPhone X catching and pulling the user’s hair. The iPhone X is attracted to beards and long hair. Apparently they get caught in between the gap that is between the bezel and the display. And surprisingly this is an issue with older iphones as well. Worth a face palm, I’ll say!

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